Monday, January 19, 2015

若無仁愛 - Without Love

   Without love, there is no life
   Without life, there is no you
   Without you, there is no I...

God thought for a few long moments before He began his actions with His spoken words:

  He created the light out of the darkness
  He created the heaven and the earth
  The sun and the moon, the stars and the water
  The fish, birds and animal of all sorts
  And the human beings with His breath of life into them
  And into you and I ...

His words became the deeds.
And the world appeared.

Long before and after the rainbow that God had left His signature of forgiveness to human beings,
On the sky among the pure cotton-like clouds,
He keeps on whispering, "I love you. And you. And you. I always will.”  

He had even clothed Adam and Eve the first piece of human garments – out of the skins of animals - while they were on their way out from the Garden of Eden into their world.

God had been with them since.

And then the Word became Flesh - in Jesus. 

God has been with us ever since…

You see, it is not about when the universe was created; 
Not about how big this universe has been expending; 
It is all about how much that God loves us.
In spite of our failures... 
From the very beginning.  

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