Wednesday, January 14, 2015

捉迷藏 - The Game We Play

Almost all kids play a game called Hide and Seek where a ghost(seeker) counted from 1 through 10 and began to look for those who were hiding behind the trees, fence or just about in the shade of any furniture.  

It would be fun either way: to be found and became the next ghost(seeker), or stayed invisible as long as the game went.

Sometimes I think that we may play the exact Hide and Seek game with God too.  We try to stay in the shadow of the self center and eventually and completely lost in a way that not only we have no idea where we are, God the seeker seemed to be lost in locating us as well.

And we seemed to quit the game we play with God and not telling Him that we are done with the game already. 
Have we not? 

Thus God has been left in the shadow (behind the game) and we walked away without even saying good bye to Him.

And when God sent His Son Jesus looking for us, we acted as if He is a stranger and has been unwelcome after all anyway.

I wonder how many of us (and how often) we play with God sincerely and honestly and stay in the game as long as we ever walk on the earth?

How could God be not lonely?
How could God be not missing you and me? 

And when God is lonely, so are we.  

Perhaps that is why we built so many idols/playmates/shadows actually and virtually in our life time and still feel lonely after all.

Not to mention that in most of our prayers, we talk too much and listen too little...

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  1. Thanks, it's truly a story theology about God - by Ng Pekho